Convers Energie and the clean energy future

Convers Energie is a design and systems integrator for renewable energy installations, specializing in solar photovoltaics (PV). Converse Energy has designed and installed 3.5 megawatt peak (mWp), within nearly 300 individual installations in Germany, the world’s #1 market for solar energy. Convers Energie also provides consulting services and installs PV systems in the UK, and will soon offer solar PV services in the US and emerging solar markets.

With over 8 years of solar PV experience, Convers Energie designs and delivers custom PV installations for homes, businesses and communities, making it faster and easier for you to lower your monthly energy costs and become energy-independent. Because the return on investment over 20 years of a PV system can be 10% annually or higher, investing in a solar PV system is one of the most profitable and safest investments you can make. The sun’s energy is clean, affordable and can transform your life.

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let the sun shine

Solar energy is the cleanest – and most abundant – renewable energy resource on earth. Every day, the amount of energy that radiates from the sun to the earth is 10,000 times greater than the world’s annual energy needs. Just 1% of this energy could power the entire world.

The latest technologies, including PV panels that transform solar energy into electricity, allow us to capture high levels of solar power. Solar energy is not just a cleaner form of energy. Solar energy is the world’s fastest growing clean technology.

solar makes sense

In a global economy, in all climates, in your neighborhood… Solar energy makes economic and environmental sense.

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