Convers Energie team installs over 130 kWp in March

The Convers Energie team has been working full speed since the beginning of March to beat the clock on the 31 March government deadline that could cut feed-in tariff rates by up to 30% in Germany. In a push to complete installations for as many customers as possible, the team installed a record 12 residential PV systems, plus one commercial solar installation, within four weeks.

A residential installation begins in Bonn

The monthly total kilowatt peak installed by Convers Energie in March exceeded 130 kWp. An average March installation rate would be 20-30 kilowatts.

Solar panels, ready to mount

During the day, Managing Director Gunther Nacke was on-site at each installation. While our team installed the mounting system and panels, Nacke prepared the cabling that would connect the installation to the grid.

Cutting cables

Nacke also kept an eye on financing, ordering, shipment and delivery of panels, assuring a smooth installation process for each customer. The post-installation process, including registration with the local utility company and the actual connection of the PV system to the grid by Nacke and a certified electrician, was the last step of each installation.

Securing the mounting system; beginning to place panels

New PV system homeowner takes a closer look

Despite the intensive schedule, the Convers Energie installation team enjoyed the warm weather and blue skies on a residential installation in Bonn in mid-March.

Klaus, Georg and Hans Dieter

To see more images of the team at work on “installation day,” visit our Facebook page. We will also be posting a short installation video soon.

A round of thanks to Georg, Hans Dieter, Klaus and Tibor for their hard work during March. Reaching 130 kWp was truly a team effort!

The competed installation

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