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If you’re thinking about going solar, now is the right time to switch from mass utility-driven power to individualized solar PV energy that puts you in charge of your own energy needs and costs. The traditional and expensive “one size fits all” energy model in which local utility companies control both price and source is no longer the only option.

Convers Energie has been in the solar PV business since 2004, when the industry first took off with Germany’s much-copied Renewable Energy Act (the national feed-in tariff). We operate in the world’s most competitive market for solar PV energy and work with leading solar manufacturers such as SunPower. Many of our customers are repeat customers who decide to install an addition to their original PV system or a second PV installation on another home or commercial building. Most of our business comes to us through referrals or word of mouth.

Convers Energie has hundreds of satisfied customers in North Rhine Westphalia and nearby regions of Germany. The phenomenal growth of solar energy has seen many new PV providers enter the market in recent years. Convers Energie’s experience, reputation and market knowledge guarantee that we can offer you a competitive price, an attractive solar PV design and a smooth installation process.

Since 2011, Convers Energie has been offering our insight and expertise to partners outside Germany and to new operators in the solar PV industry. If you are looking for an experienced PV partner to consult on new projects, provide integrated systems design that meets environmental and architectural standards – or are interested in customized solar PV financial forecasting – Convers Energie would be happy to assist or advise you.

If you are looking for a solar provider with technical expertise, first-rate engineering skills, design talent, personal customer service and a strong reputation, get in touch with us today.

Your initial up-front investment in a solar PV system will pay you back in increased future savings and a lower fixed rate for energy consumption as utility costs rise.

Make the move to solar — the clean energy solution and less costly power alternative!

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