Sunpower Authorised PartnerSince 2004, Convers Energie has been an Authorized Partner of SunPower, the global leader in high-efficiency solar solutions for homes, businesses, commercial buildings and utilities.

SunPower has been the catalyst for many major milestones in the solar industry since its incorporation in 1984.

Importantly, SunPower’s record of solar innovation goes back nearly four decades, to Stanford University and the gas shortage in the 1970′s, when one of the company’s future co-founders began to consider alternative energy sources based on solar cells. With grants from the US Department of Energy and other funding, SunPower’s small team began to pursue a vision of solar energy. Without SunPower, in fact, the story of solar energy could not have been written.

As a trusted and authorized SunPower partner, Convers Energie can offer customers the most advanced solar energy systems on the market today.

When you choose Convers Energie and a SunPower solar PV system, you will benefit from the latest and most powerful solar technology. Join the world’s business and technology leaders, government agencies, top retailers and satisfied international customers who have already invested in a high-energy solar system from SunPower.

For more information about SunPower’s advanced solar technology, please visit the  Sunpower website

go solar today… get Sunpower

Gunther in Sunpower Jacket

Convers Energie Founder Gunther Nacke with Sunpower panels in background

SunPower (Nasdaq: SPWR), The World’s Standard for Solar™, designs, manufactures and delivers the planet’s most powerful solar technology broadly available today. Headquartered in San Jose, California, SunPower has offices throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

SunPower has been developing world record-breaking solar technology since the 1970s.

To learn more about SunPower panels and to discuss if a PV system powered by SunPower could be the right solar energy solution for your home, business, commercial entity or public sector structure, call or email Convers Energie today.

Browse our photo gallery to see more images of SunPower PV systems installed by Convers Energie.

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