Convers Energie believes in the power of clean energy to create a more sustainable future. Our mission is to bring solar energy into the every day lives of our customers. If you are a homeowner, business owner or public sector manager, we can give you more choice over how you source your energy needs.

Convers Energie delivers engineering and consulting services — solar PV systems integration, design and installation — to families, companies and community leaders who have decided to lower their energy costs and become more energy-independent.

social responsibility

As a renewable energy company, Convers Energie is committed to the principles of socially responsible business. We recycle all packaging materials for our PV installations, reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible and, by helping customers convert to solar energy, promote sustainable development in local communities.

Whenever Convers Energie installs a PV system, we are contributing to the process of carbon offsetting. The only carbon emissions that can be attributed to solar energy, in fact, are those emissions created in the production process of solar panels and other PV components. The environmental amortization period for solar panels is under two years; the product lifecycle for solar panels is 35-40 years.

Investing in solar energy is one of the most socially responsible actions we can take to help build a sustainable future.

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